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Upgrade your electrical systems today

Upgrade your electrical systems today with Paragon Electric and save your home or business from costly repairs later. Upgrading your system today can relieve stress on old, faulty systems, saving you from potential disaster. Call Chris with Paragon Electric today for your FREE estimate and to schedule an appointment.

Living in a home or operating a business in a building whose electrical systems aren't up to code is asking for disaster. Stop putting yourself, your loved ones, and your business in jeopardy. Get the systems upgrades you need from Paragon Electric today and bring your systems up to code quickly and affordably.

Avoid a disaster with an upgrade

  • Breaker panels

  • New meter installations

  • Underground service relocation

  • Eliminating fuse boxes

  • 3 phase

  • Code violation repairs

Service upgrades

Keep the lights on and your business running smoothly with the help of the experts at Paragon Electric.

Call Paragon Electric today for your FREE estimate on a service.


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